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Benelli M4 price??

old buff

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Buy it...Buy it now. The 2 rnd tube can sell for 250.00 and the coll. stock can sell for up to 800.00 Thats if you were to sell any of the accessories. I paid 1985.00 for mine..it came with the coll. stock and pistol grip stock and the 2 rnd tube ext.


I think 1600.00 for a slightly used one is a great deal. The basic model sells for 1350 -1595.00 new.


If you don't but it, please forward the info to me..lol


Have a happy holiday

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Seems like a good price to me. I paid $1700 for mine brand new about a month ago. It came with the factory tele-stock.

The dealer really didnt want to let it go for that price, he was originally asking $1900+tax, but I kept messing with him offering $1700 and no tax, after about 15min, he went for it.



Also, a few weeks ago, I sold the col stock for $700 AND a factory field stock. So, you should be able to sell the stock and pay for 1/3rd of the gun at the very least. Some of the guys on here got real butthurt when I asked that much for the stock.


They would be REAL pissed to know that I picked up another col stock at a local gun show a week after that for $250.:D

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