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tactical semi auto (m1, m3, m4) questions


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So I'm shopping for my first shotgun. Primarily for home defense, but I'd like to be able to start shooting skeet and trap occassionally. I'm heavily leaning towards a m3 (pistol grip w/ stock, ghost ring, 5+1).


I like the versatility of the m3, but I went down to my LGS to check one out and he said the pump is basically there to just clear a round, it really isn't a true pump action. i tried working the pump, it didn't feel as smooth as a real pump action. plus i had to twist the little ring at the front each time I wanted to rack the slide. then I had to depress the bolt release to put the gun in battery. So no "cha-ching" of a pump, more like a "cha. click-ching", much slower. Is this right? the benelli literature seems to indicate it is convertible from semi auto to a "real" pump.... is there some way to lock that front ring open or something?


There also seems to be a lot of back and forth on Benelli semiautos cycling properly when a tac light or side saddle is installed. I understand it's a recoil operated system... but I want to be fairly certain that after break in that I'll be able to shoot tactical buckshot with a surefire fore end mounted.


I'd even consider the m4 (despite the heavier weight, higher maintenance and price) if it would resolve some of these issues. Even so, wouldn't a reduced recoil round produce less gas, possibly affecting cycling? And why is the m4 only 4+1?


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Your doing the M3 all wrong with the pump. Unlock the ring to switch it to pump, pull it slightly and you are in pump mode. If you have ammo in the gun it will cycle like a pump. If the gun is empty you will have to hit the bolt release each time your rack it back. To switch it back to auto, rotate the ring and lock in place. Auto. As for the M4, you can add the mag extension to the gun and get 9 rounds with 2 3/4 shells. To get 9, you have to do the old benelli trick, (at least with the LE model). The M4 in my opinion doesn't weigh any more than the M3. The reduced rounds do work in the M4.

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