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Montefeltro 20 gua: no bolt handle anywhere

Rooster Man

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Can someone tell me why a quality gun like Benelli doesn't have a stock of common critical parts? I lost the bolt handle on my 20 guage Monty while rabbit hunting. Benelli said try Brownell's Gun Parts and they told me their isn't ONE bolt handle for the gun anywhere in the U.S. and it's "back ordered" 6 months. Dissapointing; sorta like buying a Lexus and being told "we don't carry wiper blades for that" at the dealership. If any other Montefeltro 20 owner loses the bolt handle i'm having one built and being shipped by Angle Porting of Batesville ARK; they're an American company specializing in custom parts for Beretta and Benelli. Not complaining, just dissapointed. And thanks to the shooters who replied about my Monty jamming on cheapo loads. You were right, when i switched to Remington from the Wally World Winchester promo loads it cycled them ok.

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