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Nova FTF?


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Was hunting this morning and had several (4-6) FTFs (failure to fire). Dented the primer but did not go of. Put one in my over and under and it shot fine. The shells also shot fine out of the condor so I'm sort of ruling out bad shells (both Remington and winchester steel shot in 2 3/4 and 3inch)! Any idea's guys? I did triple on Speckle bellies this morning though:)

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There could also also be something inside the bolt assembly preventing the spring from releasing properly. I'd removing the firing pin and spring, check for obstructions, clean and lube. Other than that, could there be something stopping the bolt face from gripping the shell properly? I had a problem with 30-06 rifle where the claw extractor froze shut (-40C) and would't grip the cartridges. The pin just dented the primer without firing because of that very small gap between the bolt face and the cartridge. Good luck!

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