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R1 Reload Issue


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In my experience the barrel nut needs to be torqued all the way down. If the bolt is failing to close, staying about an inch from closing all the way. When mine does this it is fouled in the gas piston rings were they fit into the barrel. Try to remove the barrel and clean the piston and torque the barrel nut down all the way. With the bolt locked back the gas piston should move freely in the receiver.

This is a pic of mine you can see the corrosion on the piston under the rings this caused the piston to bind in the barrel.






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Check out this thread about the piston trouble. Can't remember exactly how many rounds I put thru it. I do shoot quite a bit. The problem seems to be that the built up carbon holds moisture and the two together work fast. I noticed that my new piston rings would foul and rust quickly. That has been my experience. Like anything mechanical it has pros and cons. For me the light recoil and quick handling make up for a little extra cleaning. I did over 20 years in the military and cleaning your weapon after each operation was just a way of life. Good Luck



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