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Montefeltro ejection of 7/8 ounce 20 guage shells

Rooster Man

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Correction & apology to all: Previously i complained my year old 20 guage Monty wouldn't eject cheapo Walmart Winchester 7/8 ounce loads. Other site contributors correctly advised a bit more lube on the bolt/recoil spring/etc. I used "Gunzilla", made here in Michigan. No problems now. Caution to new Monty 20 owners: you MUST either break the gun in with 200-300 rounds of 1 ounce 2/ 3/4 dram loads AND or make sure ENTIRE recoil/bolt/recoil spring mechanism lubed completely with SUPER high quality LASTING oil or very light grease. Thanks DJ Dan Rooster Man Flint:)

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Glad things are working out with your Monty. I've had my short stock 20 guauge Monty for over 5 years. Right from the start I fed her the cheapest Wally World promotional rounds I could buy. At the time, I also had several boxes of English 2+1/2 inch stuff and some special SPREADER rounds. Never had one single burp of any kind. Later on I tried a handful of 3" and 2+3/4 inch magnums. Wow, talk about recoil. I won't due that again! During our local upland season, I oil my Monty very lightly at the beginning of the season and nothing again until winter closes me down (BreakFree if your wondering). If my Monty gets caught in the rain or muddy, I will let it warm to room temperature and then a quick wipe with an oil soaked cloth. When the quail are stepping out, I'll load up with just two rounds of 7/8 oz. #7+1/2 shot. The limit here is just 4 birds per day so you don't want to limit out to early. On occasion when I'm climbing through the brush after a single Bobwhite, I'll flush a Grouse and that's when the little short barreled Monty really shows her stuff. My little Monty has been a dream since the first day I bought it and I never needed any "break-in" period. Did have to change the shims for better shot placement. Keep that Monty smoking :)




Cape Cod

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