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Dumbass question about Benelli M4


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Why doesn't Benelli import incomplete M4's and farmout the remaining parts to Stateside machine shops to make and then assemble the shotgun here so we can have LEGAL M1014 clones?

I would say our Federal Government might have issues with that concept, and they control importation at their guiedance! So is the M4's that have been modified with USA made parts legal? These guns are made for Military use and surprised they sell any model of the M4 to civilians and suspect that depending on whom is elected that could change. Benelli is not owned by Benelli it is a holding of Berretta.

http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/Fabbrica-D-Armi-Pietro-Beretta-SpA-Company-History.html just some TP material to ponder, only dumbass Q is the one you a scared to ask or scared you might get a dumbasss responce!:eek:

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It's a damn good question. If Benelli wanted to endear itself to American consumers, it would do exactly as you suggest. If Benelli wanted to endear itself, or at least stay on the "good side" of BATF, it might do otherwise. Since Benelli's right to operate in the US is determined largely by BATF and to a far lesser degree by US consumers, their calculus will lead them to try to keep BATF happy.


Free market economics benefit consumers. Regulated markets benefit the regulators. 'twas ever thus.

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yes you are correct, but since they can't agree to disagree and come together as a party, McCain should rip them a new one but!! i seem to remember when the BB sunseted GW told the Dems that put a bill in front of him and he would sign it and like usual they could not agree to disagree big + for us and yes i like my second amendment rights and will continue to like them!! In NM it's still the wild wild west!! just the way i like it, but do not think a local officer will not cap your ass in a heart beat due to our lax gun laws, plus they get free paid time off and when ya work their schedule that could relate to a lotta time off!!:p

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