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Someone sent me a PM with questions on the R1 for deer, moose, elk vs the Browning BAR.


My apologies. I accidentally deleted the message when cleaning out my PM's.


As I recall the questions, here are the responses.


The 30-06 or .300 would my choice. The .308 will certainly put a moose or elk down, but the others will do so more effectively.

The .270 WSM would be another very good choice, although the ammo for those things runs around $2.00 a shot.


I believe you said you were left-handed?

Browning made a limited run of the BAR Shortrac and Longtrac models with walnut furniture in LH configuration last year.


There is still a decent supply of new ones around.



I sold my R1 and have settled on the BAR Shortrac in .308.

No moose or elk around here, so it's an easy choice for a light recoiling medium-sized game rifle.


The R1 is a nice rifle, but I just didn't have much faith in its durability.

The BAR has been getting it done for years and I took a couple of nice bucks with mine this year. No complaints so far.


I hope I've addressed all of your questions, working from memory.

If not, please post or send another PM.

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