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Sport II 12 Ga - mag capacity issue

Brian from IL

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I would like to know how to open the magazine and remove the plug from my Sport II 12Ga. The specs say it is a 4+1 but the plug only allows 2 shells max. The manual does not show the details of the Sport II magazine because it is written for all Benelli shotguns in general.


Before I try to unscrew the mag. cap I want to know if anyone else knows the correct procedure. It seems simple enough but I would hate to screw up my brand new shotgun! The gun shop told me to call Benelli directly. I thought I would start here first.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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The plug in my Sport II just slides right in and out of the opening designed for it at the front of the magazine-no need to remove the magazine at all. It might be a little tight, try prying it softly with a screwdriver or knife blade. The magazine tube srews in/out from the receiver in case you ever need or want to take that apart and clean it and the spring out. My plug allows a total 3 shells while the plug is in and a total of 5 shells when the plug is out. Just take off the forearm and end-cap and the plug should slide right out-like I said, it may need to be loosened the first time by prying. Let me know if that works for you.i

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Good, when you take the end cap off, then slide the forearm off, turn the barrel towards the floor and it should just slide out of the end of the magazine tube. It's long and looks like a big nail or spike. If it doesn't, pry it with your finger nails or the knife/screwdriver I mentioned before to break the vacuum that probably is keeping it from sliding out. It's the easiest plug removal of any gun I know of.

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