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How is the R1 rifle these days?


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Hi all, I am back! I bought one of the original R1's when they first came out for use as a deer rifle. Man that rifle made sense, chromed chamber, removable bolt, clean from the breach, wow it is technologically advanced. Then when I got it in 30-06, carrying it on a sling would result in the nut holding the forearm on to work loose. I could get a 3 shot 1 inch group with 150 grain WW powerpoints, but when I took it apart and put it back together it shot to a different zero, in some cases as much as 10 inches away from the original zero. Amaizingly after firing over 400 rounds of various ammunition thru the gun I found that you could literally tune the POI by tightening the nut that held the forearm on. The inside nut was always tightened the same to the red dot.


I love the concept of this gun and want to buy another one.....someone tell me if they have worked out the bugs!!


Thanks Jimmy

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I really hate that. They went so far beyond the Browning in so many ways. Their engineering thinking was good in many ways, a take down clean from the breach autoloader with chromed chamber. Seems like they need to hard chrome that gas piston and assembly as well based on the Alaskan post. I love the way the gun handles, love the features, wish it would retain zero after dissassembly and reassembly. I will stay here hoping that someone from Benelli posts.

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