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SBE II Pattern Test


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OK, I got several different chokes for my new SBE II and tried several different loads this past weekend at various yardages. I first mounted a Bushnell holosight and got to work with a Rhino .670, Jellyhead .660 and the Benelli Turkey Choke. Loads tested was all hi-density loads, Win Supreme Elite #5, Hevi-Shot #5, Remington old style Hevi-Shot #5, and Nitro 4x5x7 Hevi-Shot all in 3.5 in. rounds.


I have to say that the Rhino in combination with the Nitro ammo lived up to the press releases. I know it's an expensive combination but it really patterned the best of any of the combinations, by a large margin. I will try to post pics later but @ 40 yds. the Rhino/Nitro combo put 93 pellets in the head and neck of the target with generally even pattern surrounding the head and neck. The closest competition was the Jellyhead w/Win supreme elite coming in @ around 42 hits in the head and neck @ 40 yrds. I tested @ 10, 20, 30 and 40 yds. Consistently at all ranges the Rhino/nitro combo had more hits by a large margin except at the 10 yrd mark when all ammo/choke combo litterally tore the turkey neck in two. I was suprised at how well the Benelli turkey choke did at some of the shorter ranges with the Rem. old style hevi-shot. I didn't test the Benelli choke at some of the longer ranges with time constraints and shoulder constraints with the 3.5 in. loads but the Benelli choke being the cheapest which I used tested very favorably with some of the more expensive options at 20 yds.


I am still analyzing the results to get all the data sorted and I still need to do some additional testing to verify results but initially very impressed with Rhino/nitro combo in every way except the economics.

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