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New SS Cycling Problems


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I just received my NIB Supersport today. I bought it to get back in to skeet and trap shooting after quite a few years away from it. The gun is beautiful and shoots like a dream--however, after about 15 rounds this afternoon, it started failing to eject. Not every time, but quite a lot. The spent shell would be pulled back from the chamber and sit on top of the round which had just been pushed out of the magazine. Pulling the bolt back would kick out the spent and allow it to cycle.


I was shooting 1 1/8 ounce target loads. I DID NOT clean the gun first and it appeared to be a little over-lubricated--you know that heavy greasy feeling that some guns have when they come from the factory? I also noticed that when I held it a little tighter it did seem to cycle a little better. Questions: 1. Possibly a cleaning problem? I've read to run Benelli's dry and I've read that they need to be well-oiled. Those are not necessarily mutually exclusive, but guidance would be appreciated. 2. The Benelli FAQ says that a 1 1/8 is the lightest load the gun will shoot. Is it possibly a combination of a wussy shoulder and a light load?


I will be doing the following later tonight: Giving it a thorough cleaning and a light oiling. If I still have problems, I can add a little more oil at the range? Should I buy heavier target loads or get a tougher shoulder? (thats a joke)


Thanks the help!

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Clean it thoroughly and lubricate it lightly (no residual dripping).

I run my SBEII very close to dry. I lube and then wipe away all excess.

I use Hoppes Elite. Supposedly, it permeates the metal at a molecular level.


Inertia guns require a break-in.

Run some heavier rounds to expedite this process.

They also require a firm shoulder.

If I load my SBEII with light dove loads and hold it to the side, it won't cycle.

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Cleaned it throroughly. Removed some of the heavy, sticky grease-type material which was around the chamber. Oiled it, perhaps a touch too much.


Then, put 75 rounds of Heavy Target Loads through it. Flawless. What a shooter!


Because I had left too much oil in it, it was a touch dirty because the oil seemed to catch some of the debris. I then shot another 50 rounds of light target loads through it and voila, not a single failure to eject or cycle. After the heavy target loads, man did the light ones shoot like a joy. Felt recoil was almost non-existent.


Thanks for the help!!!

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