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M1 Super 90 Hk Marked


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New to the forum and need some help placing a value on this benelli.

It is the m1 super 90, pistol grip stock, factory extension tube, ghost ring sights and also has HK importation markings.


Took in trade and not sure what is a fair price to ask for it.


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Well, somebody is bound to ask what condition is it in? I paid $ 557 for mine, but that was in 1986. Also paid $ 246 more for the 27+1/2 inch ventilated field barrel with 3 chokes, choke wrench, 3 shot limiter device and regular stock. Here in Mass, a defense model H+K S90 M1 would be considered a "large capacity assualt weapon" and is banned unless you prove ownership prior to the ban. Otherwise you could ask a very high price and get it. Since a current model M4 goes for around $ 1500, if your H+K is in very good shape, you might get $ 1000 or more especially to a collector or somebody that wants the grandfather to the M4. Mine works flawlessly (is in 95% condition) and I have no intentions of selling it. Might be buried with it, since I'm not to sure which direction I will be headed :o




Cape Cod

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