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Turkey Chokes for Cordoba


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Try Briley. They have the Sporting Crio chokes down to Super Full, which is .040 of constriction. That might work with HS. Probably too open for lead turkey loads though. I think they will special order turkey chokes - a buddy has a few for his Sport II.

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Thanks but tried them and they did not fit. The threads are at the top of the tube and will now screw in


How old is your Cordoba?


I recall that since 2006, the Cordoba accepts the Crio Plus choke tube. The threads will be down the choke tube and the barrel about an inch (maybe less) and will look like this:




It sounds like your threads are at the end of the barrel, which sounds like you have a pre-2006 Cordoba. I think this is what the older Corboda uses:




Call Briley and tell them exactly what thread pattern you have. They make thousands of choke tubes and I'd be willing to bet they have a Super Full for your Cordoba or they can make one.


You can also try Benelli CS.

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Hi Mudhen, my cordoba is a 2007 or at least that is when I bought it from Sportmen's Warehouse. The first website you sent is what I was looking for, the second site with the threats near the top of the choke is all I was able to find in Cabelas, Bass pro etc. I have not seen any of the chokes shown on the first website. Looks like everyone is carrying old stock. Thanks again.

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