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Kaboom!!! Dixie Slugs Tri Ball II


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A fellow forum member recommended that I try Dixie Slugs Tri Ball II. They are super size buckshot, you get three .600 caliber lead balls in a 3" shell.


I took them out twice so far, both times they have trouble feeding they get stuck in the receiver, the length is 2.75" which is a bit longer than typical factory crimped ammo.


Has anyone else tried these with their M4?


As long as I load them 1 at a time I am fine.


They are certainly the hottest load I ever shot out of my M4. I can shoot any 3" magnum factory load all day long but these are actually painful. After shooting 20 rounds at the range, my shoulder is black and blue...

However nothing sounds cooler than those 3 cannon balls hitting a metal target out at a 100 yards. I also set up some paper targets at 50 yards and the 3 balls clustered very tight, maybe 1.5" - 2" apart.


As a side note, my buddy just got a Smith and Wesson .460 revolver... I never shot anything with more concussive force in my life. You could feel your sinuses vibrate in shock. I am not joking it was unreal... however it was remarkably easy to shoot and could hit 15" metal targets out at a 100 yards. lots o fun!!!

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