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I am new to using anyother shot besides lead shot. Is it ok to shoot copper plated shot out of a factory FC. I mostly bow hunt whitetails and only use a shot gun to rabbit hunt and dove hunt. I have not put very much time into turkey hunting. I now that that copper is a softer than steel but dont want to risk messing up my new shotgun.

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Your factory full choke is fine to shoot copper plated shot thru,you just have to be careful about shooting tungsten or some of the other heavy shotshells thru it.Most of those other types require a choke that specifies that you can use hevi shot in it.

I am pretty sure that you can even shoot the Winchester Extended Range thru your factory tube.I believe when it first came out,that was one of the selling points.

All in all,if it were me I would buy a turkey specific choke,I just wouldnt be satisfied without one!They give much better patterns for hunting turkeys.

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