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Benelli M4 -- Extended Top Rail & Shell Carrier


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Hey guys.

I modified another project I am working on (Mesa Tactical FCAM for the Benelli M4) to be something simpler for those without the need of a 4 point rail system. Plus, the rail uses the factory handguard.


This item simply replaces the top factory rail on the Benelli M4. As you can see from the pictures, it offers a shell holder also. The extended rail is perfect for the EOTech, I actually cut it so it would be an ideal fit.



You'll notice that the cuts on the bottom are pretty rough due to my limited tooling on hand. I did most of the work with a file.


The rail is extremely sturdy and has no flex that I can see.




For more pictures, check out this link:



I shot it yesterday with the rail system installed. I have the 12mw visible green laser cowitnessed with the EOTech 552. The rail held a zero perfectly.


I drilled holes into the factory handguard so I could ziptie the tapeswitch to the forearm. Very solid, and the wires routed out of the way very nicely on the Sidearmor forward rail mount.


Let me know what you think.



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Funny! Reminds me of that Surefire picture.


I'm actually weighing a light mount option. Not exactly sure which way I am going to go with it yet though.

I'd like a gladius, but due to the layout, I think a tapeswitch option is going to be mandatory. I'm thinking under my middle/ring finger on my off hand.


The best thing about Mesa Tactical is they have the ONLY useable shell carrier. The Tacstar is a POS. It caused way too many problems.



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