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I failed - M4 collapsible stock


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With M4 collapsible stocks selling as high as $500.00 It really puts me out of the game...


I started thinking though, hey what if they have some in Italy??? Maybe I can get some extras to sell. I could be a hero and supply all my buddies here with stocks at affordable prices. So I contacted a friend in Italy and he called Benelli today, below is what he had to say...


I've contacted Benelli on the phone and I've talked with people both at the export section and they've confirmed that they cannot sell the collapsible (or the folding) stock to civilians in USA, they can only sell it to military and some LEAs; at the moment they have a pending order from USMC but they aren't able to send because it's completely out of stock, so even if I wanted to buy it there isn't a single one left in Italy....besides the lady at exports has told me that I'd commit a crime sending it to a citizen of US. I'm truly sorry, I really wanted to help you...


Well it was worth a try...

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