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cantilever barrel for Supernova


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I'm a new member of this forum and the reason why I joined the community is that I have a problem. I'd like to buy a Supernova pump gun for hunting but I do not like the ventillated rib on top of the barrel. On the official Benelli website I've found some pictures of Supernovas equiped whit a cantilever barrel but it's not clear to me if they are for general purpose or "slug only" rifled barrels.

I'm looking forward for your answers!

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The cantilevered barrels are fully rifled, not smooth bore. But that doesn't really matter since you can not get one anyways. The benelli rifled barrels have been unavailable for at least 2 years. Benelli customer service says that the rifled barrels may be available this coming summer. From the new information on their website the new production of rifled barrels for the supernova are not going to be cantilevered. However if they start making cantilevered rifled barrels for the nova again, they will be cantilevered.

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Guest GunCrazyD

regualr slug barrels are availalbe for the gun, but no cantilever..from what i hear it will be next year - but if they are made again it will only be for rifled barrels...no smooth bore cantilevered barrels will ever be made...

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