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LH M2 Availability?


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It because they make them out of unobtainium. I've been waiting on a LH SBEII for 5 months now. My dealer doesn't seem to care. I had to borrow a shotgun for a teal hunt last weekend as I sold all my other RH shotguns. I'm not far off from just buying a Remington. If someone from Benelli can explain what the problem is, I'd love to hear it.

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Originally posted by CatMonkey:

Originally posted by shotgun samuri:

hey catmonkey, I believe that Mack's Prairie Wings in stutgart, arkansas has several left -handed Benellis in stock. You can get their telephone number from their website- www.macksprairiewings.com. Call them and see what they'll do- they have great prices. good luck

I'll give it a shot. Thanks!!
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Opps this is my first post I made a mistake on the last one. Anyway I just ordered a SBE2 a few minutes ago the guy at the dealer said the place they order them from had them in stock and it would be here within a week. I got a synthetic with a 24" barrell so maybe that had something to do with the availablity.


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Catmonkey- I was in the market for a new Benelli with the new crio barrel and gel stock and and my order was taking longer than expected. Mack's store has long been known for their waterfowling merchandise but I found that they also have great prices on firearms as well. Good luck with your new gun and hope the Louisiana waterfowl season goes well!

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