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Comfortech or Pistol Grip for SN Tactical


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I'm looking to purchase my first shotgun and have decided on the Supernova Tactical since my primary objective is for home defense and I've read a lot of good things about this particular model. My question is; should I opt for the pistol grip or the comfortech stock?


I shot a fellow co-worker's shotguns over the weekend with and without a pistol grip and kind of liked the pistol grip design. However, added comfort is always a good thing. Maybe I should go with the pistol grip and put a gel pad on it. What do you guys think?

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Well, I will tell you I have both stocks for my SuperNova tactical and I prefer the Comfortech. I love a good pistol grip on rifles, but for some reason I just don't them on Shotguns. Also, my defensive round is a 3 1/2" 00 buck shell with 18 pellets in it. If I shot that with the pistol grip stock I would do more damage to myself than my attacker.


One thing you should note, you cannot put a Benelli gel pad on the pistol grip stock, it doesn't fit. Also, for some reason the Supernova comfortech stock comes without a gel pad, so I added one immediately. You can buy them at www.e-gunparts.com


All my .02 of course.

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Thanks for the comments ahazen001. I have gone back and forth on this one. I wish I had the opportunity to try each stock before I make my purchase, but that doesn't seem possible.


Do you find it easier to hold the SN steady with the pistol grip as compared to the Comfortech? Also, if you only use 2 3/4 rounds, can you still tell a big difference in the recoil or not? I probably will not use 3 1/2 rounds even for home defense.

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