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Has anyone tried the LifeLiner from Otis? They claim 80% more accuracy and 10% more muzzle V on new and 30% on used.


I think Otis is a pretty good company? They have good cleaning kits and I know the U.S. military use the heck out of their stuff.

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Ok- I just ordered a new .300 Win Mag R1 in comfort tech. The gun will be here next week (I'll be at the NRA convention). In addittion, I have ordered the LifeLiner from Otis Technology. I have done some research and I am willing to try it. Actually, I am excited.


What is it? It is some spaced aged ceramic-metal compound that adhears to the gun's bore, providing a lifelong protection against nicks and scratches. This is same or similar to what goes in to the pistons of NASCAR engines.


Normally, I would think it is a gimmick, but I have two Otis cleaning systems and they are awesome. Otis has a good reputation and I trust their products.

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