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  1. I think Kyle is sighting in his new SBEII...?
  2. Well maybe you are the only successful one? In Ohio it is mostly archery. I have an Elk hunt scheduled in Oct. that I will be using the R1. I tested the trigger of my new R1 and it is slighty over 5 lbs. Not bad for right out of the box (for the R1?). I just got in a case of ammo and my scope should be here today or tomorrow. I'll let you know about the LifeLiner.
  3. cje61


    Ok- I just ordered a new .300 Win Mag R1 in comfort tech. The gun will be here next week (I'll be at the NRA convention). In addittion, I have ordered the LifeLiner from Otis Technology. I have done some research and I am willing to try it. Actually, I am excited. What is it? It is some spaced aged ceramic-metal compound that adhears to the gun's bore, providing a lifelong protection against nicks and scratches. This is same or similar to what goes in to the pistons of NASCAR engines. Normally, I would think it is a gimmick, but I have two Otis cleaning systems and they are awesome. Otis has a good reputation and I trust their products.
  4. cje61


    Has anyone tried the LifeLiner from Otis? They claim 80% more accuracy and 10% more muzzle V on new and 30% on used. I think Otis is a pretty good company? They have good cleaning kits and I know the U.S. military use the heck out of their stuff.
  5. When I first started Turkey hunting everyone used a box call( becuase that was all that was really available). Then and now mouth calls are the fad. I like a box call and slate becuase not too many people use them (or so it seems). The biggest challenge is volume control. Not being too loud, especially as it gets closer. To make cuts, strike the paddle on the side wall in a rapid succession. To make clucks, I place the paddle on the wall and flick the paddle upward making sure the paddle "grabbs" the edge of the wall. To pur, slowly pull the paddle with very little downward pressure accross the wall. "Turkey Call" magazine's most recent isue had a good article from Rob Keck on how to make sure your box call is properly tuned.
  6. Snow, Rain, Wind, Sun, and combinations all have their pros and cons. It just takes some field time and research to find out what works for you (which you are doing). Bottom line.... its hard to hear them gobble when one ear is covered up with a pillow or the radio from the cab of your truck is too loud. It rained here saturday and they gobbled hard... when you could get close enough to hear them. Rain, wind, new leaves comming on (harder for the sound to travel), fog, and too much gun fire over the years made it seem as though nothing was going on. I spoke to some dry hunters in my dad's hunting shop and they said they did not even hear a gobble but breakfest at the local dinner was good. My wife almost got a shot off today. She is 7 months pregnant and using a bow. It would have been great. It is a gorgeous day here in SE Ohio, would have made a great picture. (I was baby sitting but we could hear it from the window). Good luck to everyone and thanks to all who take kids and folks who have not gone. PS- I have found four sheds and only 15 morels
  7. Steve- Thanks... Yes, I am interested in your friends range report
  8. Steve- Thanks so much and good luck (not that you need it). If you do not mind, I have several more questions. Are you hunting with the EZ trigger? do you use factory loads? and do you know if they have made any improvements with th R1 (trigger, loose screws, fouling) since you bought yours? Oh - one more thing... for someone who has some trigger time on an AR-15, is there a smooth brain to response mode when the adrenlin is kicking with the R1? Also, thank you for your government work. I will be at the NRA convention in a few weeks and I want to decide at the show which rifle I am going to buy.
  9. Very nice... I posted a new thread about the accuracy of the R1 in th .300 Win Mag. Obviously, you are not having any problems. I have read that the triggers are very stiff and factory loads are not grouping as tight as some may hope. I know we are dealing with a light (weight) automatic riffle not a bolt gun, but do you feel that you are sacrificing anything?
  10. cje61


    I am looking to buy the R1 in a .300 Win Mag for Elk. I own two SBEs and love them. However, as I have been searching the web reading articles, the problems that I see are with the trigger and accuracy. These are mostly older postings and I was wondering if the new R1s in comfort tech address these concerns? Most artilcles and postings acclaim the recoil and follow up shots, so no worries there. Also- any MOA data on 20" Vs 24" on R1 What ammo 180gr seems to be working the best?
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