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M3 Recoil Pad Options


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Fine folks, for my first post here (wonderful forum BTW) I'd like to both share some info and ask for some additional advice. I did search through some archives here and did not find these particular topics covered already so hopefully my info is helpful and my questions aren't already covered.


First, I recently learned that LimbSaver will start (late 08 or early 09) producing recoil pads that will work with all Benelli Tactical (pistol & rifle grip) Stocks. Apparently they have already developed an insert plate or plug that fits into the interior of the stock and they are now developing a recoil pad to fit that insert and fit flush with the exterior of the stock. It will apparently incorporate all the top features of the pads that they currently offer for almost everything except the Tactical Stock models! Meanwhile I also learned for those that want "something for now", that the Medium Slip On recoil pad that LimbSaver currently makes will work for all Benelli Tactical Stock Models.


Now, for the advice I need, is it possible to mount a ComforTech pad to a tactical stock? I'd love to fit the ComforTech pad but cannot tell from the site and other online vendors if this is possible. Again although I searched this might be covered somewhere else specific. If so can someone simply provide a link to that thread and if not can we try to figure out if this is possible without major modifications to the stock? Thanks.

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