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270 wsm


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When it comes to hunting rifles, I am a bolt-gun guy from way back. That having been said, I enjoy my Beretta A-390 synthetic 12 ga on sporting clays and waterfowl and I trust my home protection to an AR-15. I have the opportunity to get an R-1 synthetic in .270 WSM for what I consider a good price and was wondering what kind of out of the box accuracy I can expect. If I go ahead and buy the rifle, I plan to put a Leupold 3.5-10x40 VX3 on it and use it primarily for Michigan deer hunting where the shots I typically get are from 75-150 yards. I am planning on a caribou hunt next year and if the rifle was accurate enough, it would probably go on that hunt. If anyone has experience with this rifle in this caliber I would appreciate any info. Thanks!

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The rifle will be plenty accurate for your deer ranges, and probably for the caribou as well.

What kind of caribou hunt it will be will have some bearing.

If you're going to be ambushing migrators, the shots can be less than 100 yards, but if it's bare-ground caribou on the open tundra, you may be looking at 200-300 yard shots.


The .270WSM is an inherently accurate cartridge, with outstanding ballistics. The shor and fat case nearly full of powder means that the burn will be nearly identical, whether you're shooting down a canyon or straight up a hill.


Based on the performance of the one (30-06) that I had, I would trust it on caribou only to about 150 yards.

Also, keep in kind that the rifle typically loses zero when dissembled and reassembled.

That's not a problem if you are given time and conditions at camp to fire a few test shots and get it tuned back in. But if you're traveling with it broken down and you don't have an opportunity to sight it in after you arrive, then you'd be better off with a bolt gun.

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thanks for the response! i have hear about the re-zero issue with takedown for cleaning. just wondered how bad it really was. im not worried about range, i always take my go-to gun as back up in case things get really long-range. my back up gun is a weatherby vanguard sub-moa stainless/synthetic in .338 mag that is an absolute tack driver....

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