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M3 - Impossible To Load When In Pump Mode, Easy To Load In Semi Auto Mode.


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Fine folks, I saw one other post on this matter but with no answer attached. My M3 is impossible to load when it is in Pump mode. In Semi-Auto mode it is easy to load shotshells into the magazine tube but in Pump mode either the carrier isn't clear or something is sticking and I cannot load shotshells into the magazine tube. My fix so far is to load with the Pump fixed forward as in SA mode but then after loading I switch to Pump mode and continue. Is it necessary perhaps to pull the Pump back whilst loading shotshells to get the carrier out of the way or am I doing something somewhat wrong. Thanks.

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Well folks after waiting awhile I decided to call Benelli technical assistance. In the hope it helps others with M3's the technician told me that the M3 is intended to be loaded in semi-auto mode only. Apparently when in pump mode the bolt / carrier is too far back to allow the shells to be loaded. Again, just in the hope it helps someone here in the future.

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