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Barrel Length


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I am looking at buying a SBEII next week. I am still a little confused on what barrel length I should get. My husband is 6-0 and I am 5-1. It will be my gun when I am able to go out, but he will use it probably more. I would rather keep the gun as short as I can, but I don't want to give up any shots for decreasing barrel length.


What advice can you give me?

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Season 1 - Episode 3


There is no real ballistic advantage to a longer barrel. Longer barrels are generally better for wingshooting and if you're duck hunting, the people sharing the blind with you will appreciate another inch or two as it moves the blast farther out and away from their ears.

The longer barrels swing more fluidly and the longer sighting plane helps target acquisition.


Shorter barrels are good for turkey, rabbit, upland game where maneuverability is preferred over sighting plane.


As demonstrated in the video, a semi-auto such as the SBEII utilizes a longer receiver than does a hinged action gun. The receiver extends the sighting plane by several inches.

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Also, with the large variance in your builds, it's going to be tricky having a gun that fits you both.

I would recommend a youth model for you while he is much closer to the average build for which the guns are manufactured.


You may want to see if you can find a gun and a second stock, then have the second stock cut down to match your dimensions.

The problem with that is that a SBEII stock isn't really designed to be shortened.

You will benefit from a shorter LOP recoil pad, but it's not going to take off as much as you really need.

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