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Plastic wad and Clenzoil Solution


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hi everyone. its my first post here. I just wanted to know anyone using clenzoil field & range solution? Does it take the plastic wad and the lead out of a shotgun barrel or do i need to buy another solvent to get rid of the plastic wad in my shotgun barrells?


Thanks in advance guys.

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I've never used Clenzoil, but I'm sure it'll work fine.


You don't ahve to worry much about cleaning lead, as virtually all shotgun shells have wads with petals that protect the lead from the barrel.


Most plastic residue is found in choke tubes, which can be removed and left to soak in whatever "stuff" you want to use. I use Ed's Red (you can google it) and the plastic falls off after a day of soaking.


Run a boresnake through your barrel each time after you shoot it, and clean your barrel thoroughly once a year, and you'll be fine.

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