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Nova Slide action


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Hey all, I just bought a new Nova and I am very pleased with it except for one minor thing. When the gun is unloaded and you rack the slide action it doesn't fully lock forward and there is about a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch of forward and back play in the slide action.


The gun shop says that it is normal because the forearm is riveted to te slide, but it seems pretty sloppy to me.


Is this normal????

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When I say "locked" I mean that the bolt is closed and the action will not open unless the weapon is either fired or the release is pressed.

With the bolt closed and "locked" in place, my Nova's slide will shift about 1/8" forward and back, BUT the action remains closed.

If yours is doing differently, ie: opening the bolt or shifting excessively, then there is a problem and your dealer needs to attend to it.

See the contact page on this site to get in touch with Benelli directly, if the dealer refuses to address the problem.


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