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M4 Numrich Full Length Factory Tubes & Springs


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Numrich, aka (egunparts) has the "factory" full length extentions as well as "aftermarket" replacement extentions available for 99.95. They list these ext. as having a 6 round capacity and 18.25" inches in length. This would be 6 rounds of 3" shells-7 of 2.75".

Anybody have one of these Numrich "factory" tubes. Do they come in the Benelli packaging like my factory +2 ext. did so you can be sure that they are factory Benelli?

They also have the long mag springs, has anybody had any experience with these? Ijust used the original springs with my +2 extentions and I haven't had any issues. Are the supposed longer springs REALLY longer or is this just the same spring that I got with my guns?

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They are the factory tube and parked just like the factory +2. They will only sell them to a police dept etc.. Not even to a dealer.


The other tube the sell is ok but not as nice as Socomguy's tubes for sale here.


I have no experience with the spring.

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