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New or old Benelli system...


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Just a personal philosophy, I always buy the latest model of all things for many reasons.........


1. I consider later models to be evolutionary and thus improved, because if the earlier model was successful, the design would still be carried over. But it's not.


2. New models are supported by customer service more readily because older models have been out of production and they are mostly all "used" already.


3. Mechanical things deteriorate and degrade. So older models' springs and rubber, especially if used, have been sitting around longer. I've seen an older Benelli's pistol grip to be cracked and weathered. Again, if the older model has been around and used, then you have wear on springs.


4. I always assume new production items have more available parts then older models of the same type. Just as a car or TV analogy. Older models have less parts available.



I don't know if all of these points fit the Benelli's but it's my take on OLD vs NEW in general.

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