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  1. Super90

    SBE2 & Nasty Kick

    I think you are sensitive to recoil. As Benelli4life said when you'r on the field you probably want really take notice to felt recoil. Even at the range when I fire 24grms I do feel more recoil but when hunting I wouldn't even feel anything even when shooting 42grms through my monte super90. If this problem persists than you should go for a heavier gas-operated shotgun.
  2. I have three guns, a gas-operated, a long recoil operated and a Montefeltro Super90. The best of all is the inertia operated shotgun. This is why I love Benelli shotguns, just because of there system... SIMPLICITY! The more an object is simple the better it is, in anyway! I have 7 friends who go hunting on land & out at sea, and they have M1's, SBE 1 & 2's, 121's & 123's . You really wouldn't recognize either gun unless said these are Benelli's, all rust & dirt! And they just keep on firing. Why? because they are made simple. 3 of these friends had gas-operated guns and they sw
  3. Mercedes is a worldwide known brand for making top quailty cars. Trouble is, that a fraction of a percentage of some cars come out with a defect from the factory. Doesn't mean that Mercedes is a bad brand. btw, state what type of trouble you're having with your Nova.
  4. Hi to everyone, just wanted to know which Benelli system you guy's prefer, the new system with revolving head or the old, without revolving head?
  5. Wish we bag so many doves in Malta...
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