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sbe2 cycling truble


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hi i have recently baught a new super black egal two and it is jamming after nearly every first shot but if i load three rounds the second to thrid rounds shoot fine ime using a range of cartages going from 28 grams (ime english i don know what that would be in ounces) to 34 grams and both have the same problem. i would apreciate any advice on this subject and would like to know if this is just the gun braking in or weather its the rounds ime using, thanks


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after you give the gun a good breaking in with heavy loads you shouldnt have any problems with trap loads.the sbe2 is in my opinion far better at trap(down the line) than in the field because of its high point of impact.if you shooting alot of trap i would reccomend changing the front bead.it is crap and im in the process of doin it also.if you clean the action after every round of clays you shouldnt have any problems with ounce loads(28 gram)

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