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gas piston overkill!


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Let me preface my post by saying that I've always like "industrial strength" things.


I love things that are overbuilt, over-engineered, etc. I like stuff to be dependable and last a long time.






I took out the gas pistons out, and had them thin fim hard chromed.


I see the pistons are already coated on the rounds (probably phosphated or parkerized) and the scraping surface is sharp and bright exposed metal.


So, being the paranoid person that I am, I had them Duraplated at a place called Techplate in Anahiem, CA. I spoke with the tech guy who says the process is good for sliding surfaces (working surfaces) as it has a low co-efficient of friction and is very thin, in the thousandths of inches, so there is no appreciable build up, and denser as defined by the amount of chromium in it. So, I went with it.




Stock system was probably perfect.


This action just lets me sleep better knowing I took care of a bizarre fetish to improve on something.


I never can let anything remain just stock and as is. Cars, knives, cameras all need modding. ha ha ha.



I"LL post pics when done in three weeks. Hope some of you are like me and understand the need to have stuff the way you want it. Flame on.

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Do you own an ak47? :)



Unfortunately got in too late on that for Kalifornia. By the time I had the money, legal changes transpired.


But, I have the Benelli M4, which has been designed from the ground floor up as a military shotgun.


The Venerable Glock.


And the Gas Piston AR15, which addressed the direct impingement dirt that got the AR in trouble and jammed it. Otherwise a great rifle that has served the nation for 40 years.


The the basics basis are covered.

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Cool. I'm glad there are people out there who appreciate quality and precision.


I have a lot of toys, but the common thing that ties them together is that they all have quality and precision as things tying them together.


I ended up getting the LWRC 16 inch upper. Went Yankee Hill for the rear BUIS and getting an EOtech.

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