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benelli nova tactical


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hi there,

i have decided to buy benelli nova tactical pump action slug gun. i live in istanbul Turkey an they have 18 1/2'' barrel only in local benelli dealer. my first question; is this barrel good enough for wild pig hunting? second; what model of red dot would match this gun?

thanks in advance.

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You're talking about the bottom gun on that list, right?


I don't see any "tactical" nova pump slug gun ... the tactical nova is in the special purpose section and makes no mention whatsoever of being a slug gun, although they will still work ... it's just not a dedicated rig like some of the others.


As far as the barrel goes, sabout slugs should work well in either barrel, as they are both rifled. The 24 inch barrel will give you a little more range at the cost of a little mobility. I have never gone wild pig hunting, or hunting at all for that matter, so others can help you here much more than I can.


As far as optics, it depends if you get a cantilevered barrel or not. With the cantilever, you can use any picatinny 1913 based rings, which are very common among tactical guns and such.


If you get the regular barrel, you need to add a weaver rail, and the gun is already prepped for it. I have little experience with weaver setups, so I expect others will chime in with suggestions/corrections to anything dumb I say in my lack of sleep current mode.


If you go cantilever (which is what I would do), it really depends how much money you want to spend and how solid you need your optic to be.


My top choices would be an aimpoint m3 in a larue mount or an eotech, maybe a jpoint/docter/pride fowler if you are into something more low profile.


If you need magnification, there is a huge range of 1-3x and similar close range scopes ... most of these do not have the speed of a red dot though.


So, the 3 things you need to determine are your probable distances, which barrel setup you want, and what your operating budget/prefereces are for an optic setup. Remember that you get what you pay for.


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