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New Socom guy Mag Tube For Sale

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Just buy a heat gun and a strap wrench. It will come off and you'll be the happier for it, plus have more capacity in the event the zombies attack.


Everyone knows it's very difficult to fend off a zombie attack with the limited small magazine.

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Buy a $20 heat gun from Home Depot and heat the mag tube right where it screws in until it starts smoking. That means the locktight is mealting. The tube itself is not that hot but the receiver is. Use a pair of heavy gloves to hold the receiver while unscrewing the tube with gloves. It will come off.

Best to put the receiver in a vice. Be sure to wrap a rag around the receiver to keep from scratching it.

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Good show man... nice of you to help out a gunner.



We may have our differences in opinions, but we're all gunners and must stick together.


Gun people are some of the best folks that I know. It's the small minority of idiots that make the rest look bad.

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If anyone is near Long Beach, CA and need to have their mag tube removed, I'll do it for them.


I have a truck with a power socket in the back, and can meet you somewhere to remove the tube. Just pay me for lunch.


The camper shell should hide all signs of illicit activity. he he eh.


My moving sniping platform.

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