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Mesa Tactical Side saddle


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Well i am happy to say that my M1 side saddle has made it to my house today. The intent of this side saddle was to put on my M3 so i wouldnt have to drill or tap any holes in my reciver. So far that part is great. On the other side. due to it being a pump gun also. the slide is not able to move all the way back in pump mode. But still seems to work fine in auto mode. Which is what i primary use. Right now the option i am looking at is to buy a new forarm so i can cut it down to the laught i need so i can use both modes. This would solve the problem and at the same time keep the orginal forarm in orginal condishion. Overall the finish seems to be great. I kinda like there "gasket" that they have althought it dont seem to work on here. Fitting to the firearm seems to be decent. As the mount seems to be solid to the firearm and there is no play up and down on the side saddle and seems very solid. Althought from looking in from the ends i noticed a gap between the reciver and base of the side saddle. But i am very happy with it. Althought this was not made for the M3 shotgun, it seems it will do the trick just nicely after i buy a new forarm as i dont want to cut the one i have now. So far the only thing i would want to change on this is to change the direction of the screw going into the reciver to hold the side saddle on as the acorn nut seems to interfear with the right side of the reciver for me. Will have photos up soon.




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Looks good. Glad to hear you were able to adapt it to the M3. Sorry to hear your have a clearance. I saw the same thing on a friend's shotgun this past week at the range. He was shooting a Remington and his side saddle didn't clear the forearm (although the side saddle was made for his specific model). Seems Remington changed forearm designs (or they didn't and he didn't read the documenation close enough). :D


Anyway, yours looks good. I installed a Mesa Tactical 6 shot side saddle on my Super Nova about a week ago. Love it. Had it out at the range this past week....slick.


I had a guy pop up on my thread and state he didn't understand why I spent the money I did given that he bought a ammo cuff and put it on his stock and his does everything mine does. I guess he didn't realize that had I wanted a piece of diving suit on my stock, I would have order that instead. :rolleyes:


I hope you get your clearance issue worked out. Post an update when you do.

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