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  1. One difference is that the SuperNova has a stock that is detachable from the receiver. The Nova has a one piece stock/receiver.
  2. That very much looks like someone else already picked it up. There are companies that do nothing but wait for domains to expire and then grab them. They like to sell them back to the original owner at a very nice profit.
  3. Never ran the Choate....have ran the Nordic Components. Can't think of anything one could do to make the NC any better. I do recommend it. My review of the +2 extension.
  4. A 6 round will fit assuming someone designs it properly. Yes, I know it is on a SN, but I do believe the action on the Nova is the same length, as is the forearm, etc. This photo is with the action open.
  5. Search engines are your friend...... http://www.stu-offroad.com/firearms/mesa/sureshell/sureshell-1.htm
  6. For those that were having such bad luck with EOTech, how long ago did you buy them? Just curious..... I've got an EOTech X*** on my FNH SLP Mark 1. It has seen a steady diet of slugs, buck, and bird. No complaints. Still on the original battery and provides enough illumination that I can't run it full on even in bright sunlight. I couldn't imagine having anything different for an optic on my shotgun. I tried one of those little micro Aimpoints (T1?) and found it lacking for my needs....glad it as on my buddy's shotgun and not mine. I would post a link to the write-up on m
  7. How long has it been since you last pulled the trigger group out of the receiver and gave it a good cleaning, followed by a good lube?
  8. 3.5" rounds for home defense? Should one assume that you don't want (or care) to get quickly back on target for a follow-up shot? They put turkey on those boxes for a reason....unless you are defending yourself against turkey invaders, I would opt for standard 2 3/4" (some even prefer reduced velocity) buckshot for your HD task. That being said, get a Nordic Components mag tube extension. I don't think you an do better for a +2 mag extension.
  9. Sorry, I'm not having much luck making heads or tails of the problem from your photo. Have you shown it to the shop you purchased it from?
  10. Did you field strip the firearm and give it a thorough cleaning? Some of the rust preventatives that are used get pretty gummy sometimes. Make sure you clean the bolt well....a sticky firing pin will make for poor primer strikes.
  11. Here was my solution for my SuperNova Tactical. My buddy did the same on his SN Tactical pistol grip stock....just didn't use the stock adapter that I used on mine. Giles Tactical Sling for the SuperNova
  12. While I fully enjoy the possibility of swapping out a stock....do you have any ideas as to who is making an aftermarket stock for the SuperNova? I've had mine for two years now and haven't seen one made for it. Just wondering.....
  13. The SuperNova Tactical w/ a ghost ring sight is also made without the pistol grip stock too. I have one.
  14. Buying an accessory made for a Nova would be your best bet. I would guess that a Nova and SuperNova mag extension would be the same but that is just a guess on my part.
  15. If the shells are not dumping out on the ground, then obviously the elevator is in the correct position by the time a round from the magazine is released onto it for the e-ticket ride up to the chamber.
  16. For what it is worth, I've seen TacStar equipment fall off of 870s and 500s at the training facility I attend. It would seem it couldn't stand up to the intensive 4 day courses. For that reason, I put a Nordic tube on my SNT....I'm very satisfied with it. YMMV
  17. What kind of "some shells" were you shooting and at what distance? What kind of target were you using?
  18. He said that his special factory extension which didn't extend past the end of the barrel would hold 3 shells. That means 5 in the mag tube + 3 in the extension tube for an 8+1 setup. I'm waiting for the explanation.
  19. You said you get 3 rounds in the extension, which would make it 8+1. A 2 round extension gives 7+1, which is what you are claiming you get?
  20. There is 19.25" of barrel when measured from the shell follower to the tip of the barrel...and I am being a bit generous....closer to 19" it is. 7 rounds @ 2.75" long, is exactly 19.25". The numbers leave no room for the shell follower or the compressed spring to exist in the magazine tube along with the shells, assuming the shell length is as stated. You told me to do the math, I did. If your rounds are a bit shorter, most are, then yes, you can get 7 rounds in the tube....but 8 rounds in the tube? I measured a half a dozen different 12 gauge shells (bird, buck, and
  21. That isn't going to fit a SuperNova....no way. 2 shot tube extension.... 2 shot tube extension on a 18.5" SuperNova barrel.... Your math doesn't add up.
  22. I'm not totally sold on that being fiction.....or, I should say that were it me, I do know what I am going to do. I am going to get up from my chair, get a gun, and shoot the bad guy. I have three dogs, all pit-bull terrier crosses, totaling over 200 pounds of K9 muscle. Any one of them can take you off your feet. Three of them can take turns bringing me your limbs, if it comes to that. While they are busy keeping you occupied, I'll decide on the appropriate firearm to use to help celebrate your last home invasion party.
  23. I finished a 4 day shotgun course last month and ran hundreds of rounds of Federal birdshot (from Walmart) through the SuperNova. No problems. I also shot about 75 rounds of Federal Truball slugs without any issues. My shooting buddies use the same cheap Federal birdshot for shotgun practice and drills. None of us have any complaints.
  24. Looks good. Glad to hear you were able to adapt it to the M3. Sorry to hear your have a clearance. I saw the same thing on a friend's shotgun this past week at the range. He was shooting a Remington and his side saddle didn't clear the forearm (although the side saddle was made for his specific model). Seems Remington changed forearm designs (or they didn't and he didn't read the documenation close enough). Anyway, yours looks good. I installed a Mesa Tactical 6 shot side saddle on my Super Nova about a week ago. Love it. Had it out at the range this past week....slick. I
  25. Glad to hear you like yours on your stock. Had I wanted a shell holder on my stock, that is what I would have purchased.
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