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  1. Looking to sell a like new factory Benelli 24" barrel for Supernova/Nova. Black, vent rib, threaded for benelli chokes. Asking $225 shipped Would also trade for 18.5" barrel
  2. Title says it all. Looking to trade black steadygrip stock for regular stock, don't care if its comfortech or not.
  3. I have a Supernova with a black 24in barrel. Would like to trade for something a little longer, either 26 or 28in. Let me know if you are interested.
  4. I am looking for a few items for my Supernova... 1) Barrel/extension clamp with flashlight and/or sling mount. I've looked at getting the NC clamp and rail and adding a GG&G sling mount but I would prefer one integrated piece if possible. I believe Elzetta makes such a piece, but haven't been able to find many reviews. 2) Receiver mounted shell holder. I know Mesa makes a nice top rail with side saddle mount, just wondering if there are any other options out there. Any suggestions would be appreciated, and Happy New Years to everyone.!
  5. Mesa tactical makes a nice one. Sidearmour makes one as well but its pretty pricey.
  6. I have for sale a Mesa Tactical 4 shot shell carrier for the Supernova. It's the one with the integral rail on top. I bought it off of a guy on here awhile back intending to put it on my Supernova, but never got around to it. I never used it, and I don't believe he used it much either. For $60 shipped its yours. SOLD!!!
  7. Really enjoying the show so far...looking forward to next week's episode.
  8. With regards to penetrating walls...I was always taught that shot, even buckshot is less likely to punch through a wall and cause collateral damage than a pistol round, even HP personal protection stuff. That being said I'm nowhere near an expert, so I'd be interested to hear any thoughts/evidence to the contrary.
  9. I think of it this way...if something goes bump in the night my immediately available options are M&P 9mm or Supernova with 00 buck. Two rounds from the Supernova will create the same number of holes as an entire magazine from my M&P. Its hard to argue with that math.
  10. I've got a 26in barrel I'd be willing to trade. Send me a PM if you are interested.
  11. It will fit a SBEII, but not a SBEI without some modifications. At least that's what the people at Benelli say.
  12. try talking to this guy... http://www.midwestguntrader.com/viewad.asp?id=58018549264103055
  13. Yeah I wonder if either of the other sellers saw that listing.
  14. It appears that $1000 is more than the market will bear...not that someone else isn't willing to try... http://cgi.ebay.com/Benelli-m1014-IFAQ-USMC-IRAQ-M4-Super-90-Collapside_W0QQitemZ280535317073QQcategoryZ36071QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp4340.m263QQ_trkparmsZalgo%3DSIC%26its%3DI%252BC%26itu%3DUCI%252BIA%252BUA%252BFICS%252BUFI%252BDDSIC%26otn%3D20%26pmod%3D320559192091%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D7025629443769759630
  15. I bought mine off a guy from this sight, so I didn't pay retail, but the typical number I see is around $80. If you keep your eye on Ebay you may be able to find one for much less...couple weeks ago somebody won one for $30. Hope this helps.
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