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Help in Identifying AAA wood on Legacy Sport.


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Is there a way to identify the grade of wood on Benelli shotguns? The reason I ask is I ordered a new Benelli Legacy Sport on 6/02/2008 with AAA wood and have been patiently waiting for it to come in. Well, I finally got a call from the business I ordered it from yesterday that it was here (9/9/08), and I told him I would be in today to pick it up. So I leave work early with much anticipation. I get to the gun shop and the owner lay's a stock Legacy on the counter and say's here it is. I looked at the gun and knew immediatly that it was not a Legacy Sport and told him so. I explained the differences and he said let me go make a phone call. He came back in 10 minutes or so and said this is not your gun, your gun is in the mail. I know I've been a little long winded here but I'm getting the feeling that this gentleman might try slipping me a legacy sport without the AAA wood. I have never seen a legacy sport or for that matter any other Benelli with AAA wood so I'm really not sure what to look for. I payed 50% up front to get this gun ordered and I just want to make sure I get what I'm paying for. Is there a way to tell what grade of wood is on the gun? Is there a build sheet from the factory? I'm about ready to tell this guy to go pound sand and get my money back, but I've been waiting over 3 months to get this gun. Any help and/or comments appreciated. Again, I apologize for being so long winded.



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