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Question about slug barrels on new vs. older SBE's


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Hello this is my first post on this site and unfortunately it comes on a depressing day for me. Long story short, my buddy and I went goose hunting yesterday and I made the mistake of letting him load my gun. Well, he put it into his pickup box with a tonneau cover on it. Unfortunately, he failed to shut the tailgate firmly enough and somewhere down the road it fell open and my Super Black Eagle I purchased in 1995 fell out and is gone. My question now is does anybody know if my custom made E.R. Shaw slug barrel will work on a new SBE. I am looking at a new SBE matte/walnut. One guy I talked to at Scheels Sporting Goods here in Fargo, ND said he did not think it would work? If anybody has any insight I would greatly appreciate it. It is bad enough being out my gun, but it will be even worse if I need a whole new slug barrel too.

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I like the Federal Vital Shok(1 oz.) They shoot under 2" groups(5 shots) @100 yrds in all my guns. The Barnes bullet performs great. If you do not shot over 125 yrds. the Lightfield slugs shoot good and perform well. I have shot other slugs good but did not like the bullet performance. Shaw barrels will shoot most hi-tech slugs good but I look for bullet performace as a important factor. I have tested many Shaw barrels and they all shoot the same. I have owned 3 right hand and had two left hand ones made and all were top notch.

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