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SBE II Failure to Chamber


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I have an SBEII that I've had for two years that I have put about two thousand rounds through. Lately it has stopped releasing the second shell from the magazine when the first shell is shot. The bolt opens, ejects the fired shell and resets the firing pin, closes the bolt, but never releases the shell.


I have pulled everything apart, cleaned it and made sure it is correctly assembled multiple times and still have no luck. Has anyone seen this or does anyone have any ideas on what may be the culprit?



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I havent heard of this before. My issue with SBII is that the first shot gets fired but the shell doesnt eject, after that you can fire it all day and its fine. It was only wiht one type of ammo so im going to try something different but it was federal wing shok pheasants forever 4dram 1 1/4oz shot 1500fps so it aint like its dogshit ammo. Per benelli I will try something else like remington, I even went as far as taking out the recoil tube spring and cleaning/lubricrating this tube. Your issue sounds like it might be something with the trigger assembly not telling the magazine to release a shell I Would call benelli or try taking out the trigger assembly and cleaning it and make sure the piece inside with the spring thats next to the magazine is functioning. Does the drop cartridge lever work ok? What I mean is if you loaded it up and cycled it and pressed cartridge lever does everything function properly?(using live ammo without firing of course)

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