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  1. Littlemac


    Not sure what point you are trying to make? Did I miss something? Porting increases noise and decreases recoil, if you shoot slugs then you will spray lead around the area. Some Benelli's come ported already.
  2. I can't remember exactly which choke the factory recommends to use with the slugs, but it will be in the literature that came with you gun. If you can't find it look at the factory chock page, it will tell you what can be used. Write back if you don't find it.
  3. I am a lefty that shoots 1 of three benellis. It will be easier for you to load the RH shotguns as you won't have to take it down from your shoulder to put a round in the chamber. I do have a suggestion. Consider reversing the safety so that it functions for a lefty cause if you use it as it comes from the box you can put it on safe inadvertently when you need to fire it. The factory has a three page fax that shows you how. It thank them for making it possible. In MHO not a better shotgun out there.
  4. I haven't heard of it but I will keep my eyes and ears open. I think that a 16 gauge is the best all round for bird hunting or any hunting. But that is just my opinion. If one becomes available then I would get one in a heart beat. Good Luck. Little Mac
  5. Littlemac


    I don't know that you need one. I bought this configuration to use at 3 gun matches, as it will hold 10 rounds total. With the object being to reduce the time spent loading and to get back onto the next target as soon as possible. It came with an open chock and I wanted to tighten up the pattern so that I could shoot at longer distance with buckshot. I can still keep all 9 rounds of 00 on the target at 30 yrds, but I was trying to keep them all there at 40 or 50 yrds. Clear as mud? That why I was asking.
  6. Littlemac


    I have the pratical tactical (26") with a muzzle brake. Does benelli make more than one choke for this particular model. I realize it will accept all benelli chokes, but not all chokes accept the muzzle brake. I haven't seen anything in the literature or from online searches. Thanks LM
  7. With the addition of a EOTech scope, I was able to put 8 out of 10 shots into an 8" circle at 100 yrds. I'm sure others can do better, but that was all I needed. Good Hunting. LM
  8. I have used the choke with one mark to sight in my benelli with slugs. Is this the correct selection. My thought were that with lead slugs the tightest choke would produce the most accuracy. If the literature accompanying the shotgun states which to use then I missed it. Thanks Littlemac
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