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  1. Roll Tide

    nova shotgun

    I bought the reducer and bracket from a dealer.
  2. Take the cap off. There will be two pins above the trigger, use the nipple on the top of the cap to push the pins out. Now you can remove the trigger assembly, the barrel, and the fore-end. You will have to pinch the front and back of the action to remove it. It is very simple to do so don't worry. The website said that owners manuals should be available soon that should give you more detailed advice. If you still can't get it call the customer service department someone there should be able to take you through the process step by step. Hope this helps.
  3. I like the nova I use mine for everything upland, ducks, turkey, skeet, and sporting clays. I especially like the shell stop button this allows me to remove the shell in the chamber without having to worry about the next shell cycling. This makes it quick and easy to switch from 3 to 3.5 inches
  4. Nice to see another Alabama boy on here. I'm from Gurley, Alabama. We are planning on going to Limestone Hunting Preserve. It is just past the Madison/Limestone county line on Highway 53. I hope Alabama football does well this year, but it will be interesting to see how they adapt to the new coach.
  5. Roll Tide

    barrel lengths

    Don't forget about swing. Longer barrels typically allow better follow through.
  6. We are going on a game preserve in Alabama. It will be our first father-son guided trip. We would like to see what it is like to use a guide close to home before we spend a lot more money and travel. Just to make sure we like guided hunts or if we like it on our own. If we like it we definitely plan to try a couple of out-of-state place like Nebraska or the Dakotas.
  7. Chad Your assumption was correct you do have to cut the black hose. As far as the second screw, I had to go back to my local gun shop and get them to put the screw in because I did not have a screwdriver long enough. They should have one long enough and you should not have to pay. It was a good idea to buy one it helps a lot especially when shooting really hot loads or 3.5
  8. I am to go on my first guided pheasant hunt this Christmas and my question is do you tip the guide or is that included in the price? If you do tip, how much or what percentage?
  9. I have had my nova for about four years and I have not had a problem yet. I have used it for almost everything from sporting clays to all types of hunting. But I would definitely contact somebody at Benelli because gun problems can be very dangerous. I am sure somebody there can help you with your problem because you might not be the only one with this problem. Benelli certainly needs to know if there is a problem so they can fix it before someone gets hurt. Good Luck with your situation.
  10. I want to try deer hunting this year and want to know if anyone knows the distance for a nova rifled barrel?
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