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  1. When I shoot HeviShot, I shoot chokes the same as steel. On geese I use IC and Mod Chokes in my Franchi Alcione. Works well for me. You won't need the 3 1/2" loads with HeviShot. The 3" stuff works great!
  2. Making kills with that load at that distance is entirely possible. I used that load last season on geese and had a kill which was that distance or farther. We decoy the birds and shoot when they are only 20-30 yards out but we also keep shooting as they leave. On one shot last season, I fired at a goose with my second shot and it folded up and came down, stone dead. That shot was easily 50+ yards. They guys I were hunting were impressed, so was I. That Hevi-shot is an impressive and lethal load. We don't sky bust them or pass shoot them at that distance but we do keep sh
  3. I use the IC choke with #2 steel for larger ducks and #3 and sometimes #2 for smaller ducks. The IC with steel will throw about a Modified pattern. If you are going to be shooting Bismuth or Kent Matrix you can move up to a modified choke. [ 09-23-2003, 02:42 PM: Message edited by: Bill B ]
  4. Most clay target shooters shoot an autoloader or a double, the O/U being more popular then the SXS. The autoloaders will buffer the recoil some, especially if its a gas autoloader like the Franchi 612. What is most important for hitting anything with a shotgun is fit. If the gun doesn't fit, you won't be successful with it and it matters not what anyone else is shooting or likes. What fits you is all that matters. Some guns that don't fit can be fit to you by someone who knows what they are doing, but they are few and far between. Pull a shotgun up and shoulder it quickly, with your eye
  5. First make sure that you have it the right way in your mouth. Seems silly but when I first tried one it didn't have instructions and I put it in backward. The open part faces to the back of your mouth. Most have a bump or ridge to note which end goes up toward the roof of your mouth. Usually the bump is up. Now place the call on the roof of your mouth and place the tip of your tongue behind your front teeth with the rest of your tongue on the call. With some pressure behind your tongue try to say the words Chee-uk. This should give you a yelp. Practice, get a tape and keep working on
  6. The more open choke work best for Slug and buckshot. Cylinder is your best choice followed by Skeet then Improved Cylinder.
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