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  1. I have been using Heavi Shot 3 1/2 inch single B's. with an IC choke for geese. I really believe this is the deadliest load ever manufactured for Honkers out to 40 yards or so. Try a 10 pack and see what you think. Jeff
  2. jchapman


    I've used Hevi Shot for 3 years for ducks and geese. I find the single B will drop a Honker stone dead at 45-50 and we use 4-6 on ducks depending on the wind. The dense configuration allows you to use an IC choke which patterns to about an imptoved Modified. Jeff
  3. Best place to buy wild rice is Minnesota. They have web sites to purchse. Go to "Ask.com" and ask Jeeves.
  4. "Even a blind chipmunk can find an acorn once in awhile." I have taken geese regularly at 40 with Heavi Shot B's, but as a rule they are out only about 25. This guy may be stretching it a bit.
  5. I've had real good luck using the IC with Remington Heavi Shot B's. A little pricey, but it folds them. Essentially, because of the extra denseness of the shot, you are shooting an Improved Modified.
  6. An IC will esentially give you an improved modified with steel or Heavi shot. You'll get no pattern with a full using steel.
  7. Hi Eric, I have a 912 and it works great. Just keep the receiver and bolt slide clean and you won't have any problem (thow a couple Q-tips in youe pocket). The 31/2 inchers boot a little, so may want to consider the recoil reducer. (Of course with 10 Honkers coming at you at 40 yards, you don't feel it at the time). Jeff
  8. jchapman

    Nova Recoil Reducer

    Probably go to Benelli website and get a catalogue, then order it or have your dealer order it. That's what I had to do with my Franchi 912.
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