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  1. Hi Littlemac Would you happen to know if I would be able to reverse the safety on my M3 Super 90, I mean how much different can the safety and trigger mechanizms be between the m3 and sbe. I happen to be a lefty as well and was thinking along those routes to reverse the safety on my shotgun. FAx, factory......could I call them up to have then send me a copy on how to do this procedure? Any help would be appreciated, plus safety always comes first. Take care all.
  2. Hi all! Well just got back from the range and I must say my new M3 Super 90 Combat shotgun worked like a dream, did not even fail to cycle once! Shot a little bit of buck shot at various ranges, and then tried a slug out to about 75 yards. Worked like a charm... wish I had a web camera so I could show you what this beauty looks like, got her dressed up with the tac star side saddle, my Giles tactical sling, and thanks to you guys I mounted a Tac Star WLS 2000. Only thing is, this shot gun is fighting for range time compared to my glocks and revolvers. O well ... I am sure they will all ma
  3. Piney

    benelli pics

    [ August 20, 2003, 02:56 PM: Message edited by: Piney ]
  4. Piney

    benelli pics

    Wow!!! Those sure are pretty! M1014, and I must say you sure got them all dressed up just right. How do they shoot, have they met all your expectations? Enjoy!
  5. Hi all, well did my time on my 10 day waiting period and finally had a chance to bring her home. I can't wait fellows to take my new M3 out to the range and see what she's got. By the way all... I was wondering how many here are left handers, and what have your experiences been shooting a right handed shot gun, I'm a south paw. Take care all, Happy Shooting!
  6. Thanks so much Tacman for your insight, will do. May your answers return to you 1000 fold. And if nothing else a another new benelli or two!!! Stay Safe...
  7. Hi all! I'm new to this forum and just bought my very first Shot Gun. I was wondering what you all make of the M3, and does anyone here own one. I should be able to pick it up in the next 10 days or so, can't wait. By the way, I been thinking on picking up a few goodies like a side saddle and a tactical light from sure fire, but am a bit hesitant whether the forend will fit the M3. According to Surefires web site I am under the impression this forend will work only with the Super 90. The link to the forend are down below, do you guys think it will work? Any help would be ap
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