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  1. Hello, I am also an avid waterfowl hunter. My true passion is Dove and Quail hunting. However, I saw that you are looking at getting a gun capable of firing a 3 1/2 shell. Have you considered the SBE. I can put a 2 3/4, 3 1/2, and 3" shells in that order in the gun and it will cycle all of them as fast as I can pull the trigger. It is a well balanced gun and I have taken many ducks and geese with it. good luck in the field.
  2. Hello, Does anyone know a trick to allow the stock magazine in the SBE to hold 4 shells instead of 3? I heard that you would need to take the spring out and cut it a bit. (Doesn't sound right or good to me). Thanks for any ideas.
  3. Hello, I live in Georgia and I hunt whitetail as well as birds. I love my SBE. I find that it is just as well to handle as the M1 and i enjoy the fact that waterfowl hunting i can cycle a 3 1/2" shell through it. If you are not going to be waterfowl hunting the M1 might be the way to go. However, if the price is not much different between the two (assuming you go with a synthetic stock) then go with the SBE you never know, You might get into waterfowl hunting. BTW ~ a synthetic stock would be a better choice for a hunting gun. It doesn't matter if it gets wet or oil on it.
  4. Hey, There is no need to go out and buy a rifled slug barrel for your SBE. I own a SBE and I have shot many deer with it using slugs. If you want to shoot slugs through it DO NOT USE A FULL CHOKE. It is not good on the choke or your barrel. I use an IC (improved Cylinder) and it shoot very accuratly up to 100 yards. (I wouldn't shot much further then that) The only bonus to buying a rifled slug barrel is that it will be slightly more accurate (not enough to tell at short distances) and it will already be pre-tapped to have a scope mounted to it. Other then those two things i would say stick with what you got. It works great for me.
  5. I am not sure on this but if I dropped my gun in the lake or something where the gun became submerged I would completely strip the gun. Clean and let it dry. To remove the recoil spring I believe that you must remove the butt plate then the stock. After that is removed you will have a round metal tube. You will need to remove the end that faces the butt plate, which is the stock retaining nut and the stock retaining nut screw. Then you will be able to remove the recoil spring, the Damper spring, damper pin, guide bush and the recoil spring plunger. I would get WD-40 and soak these parts, and EVERY OTHER part that WILL rust. Let them dry over night and then use a good gun oil on all the parts. Assemble the gun and good luck.
  6. I don’t know if the doves fly like they do here in Georgia. But after a few dozen rednecks shoot at a dove they can really move. I find that in this situation a modified choke is the best for me. However, I generally stick to the improved cylinder. On windy days I will switch to modified. It will spread the shot out a little more and hopefully puts a better shot pattern around the bird.
  7. I shoot a Weatherby Orion (sporting clays edition) for skeet. It balances perfectly for me. But for trap and sporting clays I shoot the Benelli Super Black Eagle. It just fit me perfectly. High price tag though, but it is well worth it. If you ever get into hunting you will appreciate the SBE being able to cycle 2 ¾ - 3 ½ shells. Take your time finding a gun for you. Good Luck
  8. Hello you first need to determine what area you will be hunting. I have hunted in Iowa and know that you have a lot of open land and dense woods as well. If you are hunting dense woods you should look at getting a shotgun. I personally use the Super Black Eagle to do deer, dove, and waterfowl and shoot some sporting clays as well. It is a good all around gun for me. If you will be hunting the edge of fields and at long distances you should consider buying a rifle. Benelli makes a 30.06 that I would recommend for you. It will bring down the biggest deer you can shoot. If you are really interested in processing your deer before you get there the .300 Win Mag will accomplish this for you. BTW it kicks like a mule. I shoot a Savage 7mm and I am comfortable shooting a deer up to 500 yards away. (never shot farther than 150 yards). But I do on a .300 Win Mag. It kicks a lot harder then my 7mm or a 30.06. FYI - you must be 18 in the US to buy or own a shotgun or rifle.
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