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  1. Autoloadeer.......SBE Pump..........Nova Everything else is just that........everything else.
  2. I have had no issues at all with my NOva. Its been through **** and back and it still works. Patterns beautifyully, takes a beating, and still works. I have taken ducks and geese with this gun and I can safely recommend this pump style shotgun for your needs.
  3. Its how it is......don't let that detract you from picking one up though. These are very well made shotguns.
  4. bbeach

    Nova Pump

    Yes I have a 12 gauge model and I use a very informal type trap shooting session to get ready for bird season. This is an excellent shotgun. Yo will certainly be pleased with its features.
  5. what price are you looking at?
  6. Have you tried hitting the DNR website of each state? I used to live in Indiana and I did not recall there being too much said about quail hunting.
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