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  1. CanadaKiller bought my Remington 870 from me and i got smart and got a Benelli Nova, which im sooooo glad i did!!
  2. Oh **** no!!!! Benelli i think is the way to go!! you got the weight, recoil reducer, overall i would take the Benelli over the Remington
  3. Yeah i was wondering the same thing myself. Im interested in what they have to offer in 2004!
  4. The Benelli has a optional recoil reducer that is a great investment because it takes a lot of the bite off of those 3.5". The benelli i think is a better investment. it is all around a great gun. i have owned both and now have the Nova
  5. I have not had any problems what so ever with my Nova. I hunt in cold weather and it does fine. You must have oiled it wrong or something i don't know but mine sure seems to do just fine!!!
  6. Well man there are many things that come it to play when leading a duck. Wind, Speed of bird, and other things. But what works best for me is to lead them in a swing and pop the shot off as you pass its head.
  7. Geeze i hunt is zero degree wheather with Nova and i have never had a problem with it!! The only thing i could think of is how much oil is used because water and then it freezing may gum up some things like the other guy said.
  8. I hunt as much as the season will let me. The early season is great but like you said the later season gets a little chilly and the birds are very shy. Here i have seen that as they start to get shy they mostly fly for a little bit in the mourning and by mid day they are in the deep water all puddled up. But i guees that is just all part of why hunting is a sport!!! Here in northern ID the birds seem to find a spot and stay there so its pretty easy to pick a good spot..
  9. I acutally just bought a Nova and i went out duck and goose hunting and it is the best gun i have had yet!! i recently had a Remington 870 and that was a good gun but really the Benelli is the way to go. The shell stop is a great feature as is the recoil reducer for the bit of those 3 1/2's. The Nova is the very best pump action shotgun i have had a chance to shoot and this is the best gun i would recomend!!
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